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Cost of Window Replacement


Price for Window Replacement Includes:

  • Energy Efficent Double Paned Windows
  • 25 Year Warranty on all components
  • Supply,  installation, site cleanup and disposal

The price depending on the size of the window*:

  • Bedroom Windows (slider or hung) range between $284 to $474 (installed)
  • Living room windows (casement or fixed) range between $296 to $397 (installed)
  • Kitchen windows (awning) range between $265 to $386 (installed)
  • Basement windows (slider) range between $152-$298 (installed)
  • Patio door prices (standard size) range between $1097-$1385 (installed)

Slider Windows

Slider windows are one of the most popular window choices,It has a moving sash that can slide from either one or both sides, it’s very easy to clean and operate. The installed prices for slider windows are:

Single Slider

  • Up to 10 sq ft $232-$270
  • 15 sq ft $350-$440
  • 20 sq ft $480-$570
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Casement Windows

Casement Windows are best suited for tall openings. They are compression sealed and operated by a crank which make them the ideal choice for energy efficiency and security. The installed prices for casement windows are:


  • Up to 10 sq ft $282-$345
  • 15 sq ft $370-$418
  • 20 sq ft $520-$570

*To get the exact cost of your window replacement, including sizes and installation type, check out our online window cost calculator

Retrofit Installation vs Brick-to-Brick Installation


Expect to spend an additional 10%-15% on a Brick-to-Brick installation compared to a retrofit installation.

With a retrofit installation, your new windows are fitted into existing frames. This is the ideal option if the structural components of the window are not damaged or rotted. This common type of installation is a great way to upgrade your windows without breaking the bank.

With a brick-to-brick installation, the casing of the window is replaced and new frames are installed. This option is better if you suspect the internal structure of the window has been damaged.

The type of installation can be a significant factor in the overall cost of your window replacement.

retrofit frame retained

Retrofit Installation – Window frame retained
and new window fitted in. The outside of the
window is covered with alluminum capping

brick to brick installation

Brick-to-Brick Installation – Window frame is removed
and a new frame is intalled in its place. The outside of the
window is fitted with a brickmold

How Does The Window Bay Save you Money?

Other Companies

$3,189/per job (1-5windows)
  • Pay Extra for Low-E Glass
  • Pay Extra For Argon Gas
  • Salesmen Get Paid Comission
  • High Overheads and Advertising Fees

Certifications and Accreditation:

Industry certifications

Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee our work with a lifetime warranty on both product and installation

Low-E Glass

A great option for reducing your heating costs in the winter by trapping heat indoors, added for no extra cost

Quality Installation

Our experienced installers will finish the job fast to avoid disrupting your day and do a thorough cleanup

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

We had Window Bay install windows and doors in our home in Brampton in 2008. Early January 2016 we saw window glass sweating between 2 panes and called this company for repairs, because our windows were warranted life time. We got a same day response – a technician came by, measured the glass and within one week the new glass was installed.
The job was done free of charge, we didn’t even pay for the visit and the labor to install.
Thank you Window Bay!


We went to the window bay to get a price for our windows and Konstantin came to confirm our measurements. Although our house is fairly new – 8 years old, the vinyl windows from the builder didn’t close properly,some of them didn’t even open, because the hardware broke down or stuck. Konstantin checked our windows and confirmed our online price. It ended up being much less than what we got from other companies – fitted in our budget right on time!Windows were ordered in November and installed in January. We never thought it would be possible to do our windows in winter, however the installers crew was efficient and quick like it was in summer time. They took out old windows one at a time and replaced it with a new one – this way our house wasn’t exposed to a heat loss. The performance of new windows was great! We never expected our new windows’ insulation will work so good!
I would like to personally thank Konstantin for taking care of our order.

Galyna Kulykova

Despite of the best price among others, they provide very high quality products. Plus, they also spent only 2 days on installing my 20 windows (including 1 bay, 1 huge picture window and 1 arch windows) changed and the front glass door. I am very satisfied with their work and they are very honest, responsible and friendly people. Highly recommand to anybody who is looking for a window and door replacement.


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