Slider Window

Slider window night latches

Night Latches

Stop the window from opening fully when night ventilation is needed. A safe and easy option to create air flow

Slider window interlocking rails

Interlocking Rails

Rails help create an airtight fit, design creates overlap between sashes. Standard on all hung and slider windows

Slider window drainage flaps

Drainage Flaps

External flaps only open when water is present to drain. Prevents penetration of water to window foundation and structural damage

Slider window locks

Heavy-Duty Locks

Made of durable steel, easy to operate locks made for maximum security and a tight seal

Watch the Slider Window in Action

Energy Efficiency

Energy Star Zones

Canada has 3 Energy Star zones (climate zones), it is important that your windows are certified for the Energy Star Zone that you live in.

If you buy windows that are not certified for the zone you live in, you might find that the windows dont insulate properly.

Alternatively, if you buy windows that are certified for a higher energy zone, you may save money on your energy bill since they will insulate better.

Many of our products are Energy Star certified for all 3 zones and are labled as such.

Low-E Glass Coating

Low-E glass referrs to low emissivity glass, is a great choice for reducing your energy costs for all seasons.

During winter, Low-E glass cuts your heating costs by reflecting interior heat back into the room.

During Summer, Low-E glass reduces the flow of hot air into the cool interior of your home. This coating also reduces the hamrful effects of UV rays which may cause your furniture and hardwood floors to fade.

Argon Gas

To reduce window heat loss and stop cold from getting inside the house, Argon gas is used to fill the space between panes. This gas conducts heat 50% less than air. Less heat transfer translates directly to more energy savings for you.

Interior Trim Options

We offer a variety of interior trim options to make your windows stand out. We use smooth and durable materials to retain thier shine year after year. Many colors and shapes are available to match your existing decor

Interior Jambs

Interior Jambs provide structural support for your window, a proper jamb is important for a seamless window insallation. We also offer wood jamb extensions, moldings and corner blocks. All extensions are made from maintanance-free PVC that will last a lifetime

Exterior Finish

Our exterior brickmold finish is made from durable PVC compound that can stand up to the harsh Canadian winters. Available in a variety of colors for a stand-out curb appeal

Double Slider Window

Double Slider

Great for ventilation control, with the benefit of opening one or two sashes at once. Sashes move sideways and either can easily tilt into the home, for cleaning or additional air flow.

Double End Vent Slider

A perfect sliding option for wide openings, the end vent slider is a versitle and practical window. Feautres two sliding sashes with a fixed center sash, side sashes tilt for easy cleaning and ventilation.

Double end vent slider