Full House Window Replacement

The Challenge

Homeowners were looking to replace the old windows. Thier frame was old and rotten and they were losing money on thier energy bills. The project had 27 windows, 2 patio doors and 1 Bay window to be replaced. The Bay window was located at the 2nd storie which required careful work at heights and presnted a unique challange.

The Outcome

All windows, patio doors and bay window were replaced in the span of 2 days with minimal disruption and hassel for homeowners. The bay window was successfully constructed to create a feeling of volume and bring in more light. To save more money, some old windows were capped with alluminum to improve the look of the frame and create more insulation.  




Homeowner Satisfaction

Patio Doors

Windows Replaced

Days to Complete

Bay Window Buildout to Increased Room Volume

Quality Materials

Like our windows, we only use the best materials for our window installations. For this window, thick wood jams were used for strong structural support, they also have a smooth interior for easy painting.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Our bay windows are custom built to create a perfect fit. The previous window was removed down to the studs and a wood frame was rebuilt for structural integrity. Insulating foam was also installed at the top and bottom of the window. 


Attention to Details

Extra special attention was paid to installing the right amount of expanding foam between the window and the studs. Caulking was carefully applied to the exterior of the window to prevent any air leaks.